Due to advancement in the technology the use of internet has increased a lot and it has entered the domain of kids as well. Now a days, there are plenty of aspects for kids that is presented and interacted through smartphones and electronic devices such as tablets, laptops and 3d interactions. At the same time there are plenty of developers who are working very hard to make use of this opportunity and come up with some of the effective games that would help kids to have fun playing games on smartphones and electronic devices and learn at the same time. Here are some of the Top 5 toddler learning games selected from the exhaustive list of games available in the market for kids.

Top 5 toddler learning games

farm123Farm 123: it’s a very unique and beautiful game that would attract kids to play the game. This game can help the tots to have great fun while they learn. As the name suggest, it would be around the farm animals along with interactive storybook of pop up type. There is counting games as well as number scenes with great sound effects and best suited music for kids.

Endless alphabet: in this game, toddlers would interact with the game that brings out some funny monsters to play with. These funny monsters would help kids to learn letters and spell them at the same time. There is more than 50 words in this game for toddlers to learn. There is puzzles and games for kids to help them learn their letters with fun illustrations as well.

moneysunMonkey math school sunshine: this game comprises of beach themed fun interactive games that would teach them about the patterns such as bigger and smaller, less and more, sequencing and shapes and many more as such.

monkeyschoolMonkey preschool explorers: this is an app that comprises of wide range of games within to help kids have fun playing different games but learn colors, fruits, letters and many more that can be taught in a preschool. There would be fun monkey that will guide your toddler through the games and help them get stickers to increase their progress accordingly.

pianoBaby musical hands: this is a fun game specially built for toddlers. This game offers simple and engaging sounds that would attract kids to play the game. It’s a game that would help kids to learn different sounds very easily. It offers sounds of guitar, piano and other 10 types of musical instruments and percussion sounds as well.

All of these games are available in both iOS and android platforms and are best suited for the kids to learn everything they can in a fun interactive manner. They would not just have fun but would learn at the same time as well. Since they get bored playing the same game, these are apps that comprise of much more variety of games within that teach new aspects in a unique and fun oriented manner. These games are also considered to be top 5 among all available games in the market that also have been rated well by the parents who downloaded these games.